Body Butter over Body Cream ?

Did you know that the first ever body butter was made in a kitchen by Anita Rodrick(founder of The Body Shop)? 

Since then Body Butters are around us but in India, they have become popular recently.

The first question that pops into your mind would be...

What is Body Butter?

Body Butter is just a moisturiser that is thicker and creamier than a body lotion or cream. Body Butter is made from different types of butter mixed with natural oils to make them into a cream-like texture.

Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Mango butter are the most common butter used to make body butter combined with oils like Avocado, castor, Olive, Coconut, and Almond oil for a creamier texture.

How to incorporated Body butter in your shower routine ?

The best way to use butter is in damp skin. 
Applying body butter on damp skin locks in the moisture and gives you the hydrated skin for longer time.

It stays longer and penetrates deep in skin layer to provide you extra nourishment.

 How can you make most of body butter.

  • Use in the extreme dry area like elbows, knees ,cracked heels and cuticles.
  • Use in as makeup remover. Oils and butters in the body butter helps in removing makeup and clean pores. After that use Pichora’s Facial Cleanserfor washing the face.
  • Body butter can removes stretch marks. Yes you read it right.Well this won’t work overnight but Women around the world has seen the difference.


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